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Ferro – Chrome is an alloy of chromium and iron containing between 50% and 70% chromium. The production of steel is the largest consumer of ferro-chrome, especially the production of stainless steel with a chromium.

Ferro - Manganese

Ferro – Manganese is used in the production of steel which acts as an excellent deoxidizer and desulfurizer. We supply the two variants of Ferro Manganese. High carbon Ferro- Manganese as well as Medium Carbon Ferro- Manganese.

Sillicon Manganese

Silicon Manganese is mostly used in steel-making and foundry activities. Some 30% of the manganese used today in steel making is still used for its properties as a deoxidant and a sulfide former.

Copper Sludge

Nickel Sludge is one of its kind and is widely used in varied industries. It is perfectly manufactured by making use of optimum grade nickel material and sophisticated techniques.
The product can be used in nickel-metal hydride batteries for electrical power generation, or it can be briquetted and used in the nonferrous metal foundry industry. 

Ferro Sillicon

Ferro-Silicon is an atomized alloy, which is formed by combining iron and silicon with a silicon content range of 15% to 90%. Ferro Sillicon is a universal “heat-blocker” used in the production of carbon and stainless steel.

Zirconium Granules

Zirconium is a very strong, malleable, ductile, lustrous silver-gray metal. Its chemical and physical properties are similar to those of titanium. Zirconium is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. Zirconium is lighter than steel and its hardness is similar to copper.

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